Adorama iPhone Photo Contest

Posted: January 28, 2010 in Photo Blog

Since I have a iPhone, might as well give an attempt at entering into their new contest. Surprisingly, the iPhone takes fairly nice pictures with the right lighting condition. Here are couple of my entries so far. Going to try to take a few more.

Click on the photo to vote for me!!!!

Yellow Marker Road
This was taken early in the morning as I was driving to work. Saw the thick fog so I had to pull over and snap this photo. I also had to make sure I don’t get run over.
iPhone 3GS Camera
PS Mobile (Increase Exposure, white frame)

The Edge
Saw this right outside of my work. The light looks right and the branches were calling my name to take picture of it.
iPhone 3GS Camera
PS Mobile (Vignette Blur filter, increase saturation, white frame)

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