Here are a couple street shots from last weekend as well as one shot I found digging through the Leica Akademie sets. These are all shot in downtown San Francisco.

I figure while waiting for Apple to let me spend money on the new iPhone 4s for the wife, I might as well update my blog.

I just converted these to BW in Lightroom.

This is a shot of a friend while hanging out at the local Hooters. It’s fairly dark inside.
M9 + 50mm Summilux


This was shot at a breakfast cafe. This old man was sitting at a bench near our table. I had to grab a quick shot since the contrast between the old and the kids picture as well as the multitude of head shots.
Another one shot with M9 + 50mm Summilux

Head Shots

This was a shot taken a few weeks ago during the Leica Akademie. The picture came to mind after I recently saw a video about Conflict photos and photographer shooting photographers. I actually saw the photo and film crew earlier on another street corner shooting a video as well as some stills. There were 2 models total then. As I walk around and settle in on a corner, I saw them again. This time with one model walking. I had my M9 with the Noctilux ready the 2nd time.


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