Just another day

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I spend an wonderful weekend in the city.  Walked around the shopping district looking for interesting things to shoot.  Here is the first set of many more to come.

I notice these wanderers with guitars sitting by the light pole as I walked a crossed the cross walk.  Having been reading all the leaks about Steve Jobs’ new biography and how much of a hippy he was, it was only fitting to snap a shot of this with the Apple store in the background.  This is my ode to Steve Jobs!! RIP!

Title: No Jobs
No Jobs

I notice this lady was trying to take a picture of her friend while the businessman on the cell phone was too busy to notice that he was about to be part of someone’s memory as part of their SF visit. This is something we always get as photographers. I know I typically duck or wait just so people can have their moments.

Title: Blocked

While I was waiting for the wife to do her shopping, I decided to wait outside and see what I can capture. Here is another common theme we see always in the City. People with backpacks reading a map. I guess maybe I should have helped him, but I was too busy taking picture of him instead!

Title: Lost

Here is the last one of the set. By no means do photography have to be PC (Politically Correct). AS an artist, I’m here to show the world what I see and feel. Not what the world want me to see and feel. As I been shooting more and more, I have notice that my motto, my mission statement, is true. The world is my canvas, and my Leica Camera is my paint brush, albeit an expensive brush. On to the controversy. I do not know who this lady is nor do I know anything about that dog either. Just the way she walked right pass me make me pass judgement on them.

Title: Bitches

Hope you enjoy the set. I’ll be posting more in the coming days.

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