There are a lot of pictures out there about food. Heck, probably the most common things you see on people’s wall on Facebook is food photography. Some time it does get kind of old to keep seeing how yummy people’s ordered dishes are. I know I’m guilty of this all the time as well. But with the handy camera on the phone, it’s inevitable.
Well, this set is slightly different. I’m focusing more on the restaurant. I always find that certain restaurants in San Francisco convey different feelings.

First off! One of my favorite restaurant in the Bay Area especially for dessert. Whenever the wifey and I can get away, we always make some time to come over to Cafe Jacqueline for their delicious souffles. All time favorite is still the chocolate. It is to die for. I know, there is no souffle in the picture, but more the romantic ambiance the little cafe convey.

Title: 5 Years
5 Years

These two waiter have been working here as long as I remember. The dude’s Mustache is epic!! This is a shot with all available light. Who say the M9 is a poor low light performer? Though I did wish I had the Noctilux!!

Title: ‘stache

Flying half way across from French to Japanese. If you’re a fan of Japanese Ramen, this place is worthwhile to go check out. Katana-Ya have been around for a while. I remember they shut down and wasn’t until recently I found out they had re-open on Geary. My favorite is still the Karaage Ramen. How can you complain about deep fried chicken with high fat, high sodium bowl of ramen?

Just like the other, there are no food in the picture. Instead, I thought the neon lights they had at the store cast delightful colors in the surrounding.

Title: Gumbei

Sitting at the sushi bar always provided interesting view. Watching the master making those nigiri and rolls.

Title: Roll

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