I know Halloween has long passed. I also haven’t had a chance to go out and shoot so I figure I dig into some of the last recent photo I was able to take. This was a day before Halloween. Took the kids to the local pumpkin patch. They had a blast! This place was somewhat interesting. Lots of kids running around. I made it a challenge to try to take picture of the scene without too many people in the background. Not sure if I succeeded.
Anyways, just a quick post.

First up. The kid’s expression is just priceless…
Title: Hum… Something is not right…
Hum... Something is not right...

Everyone has picture of the front. Why not see behind the scene.
Title: Baby got back
Baby got back

When I saw how they lined up, I knew I need a shot (Pun intended). Not to mention a Jolly Roger that looks like it’s flipping duo birds at a kids’ play area?
Title: F U!!
F U!!

Last Straw!! literally…
Title: buck fifty
buck fifty

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