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Here are some other pictures I took while I had the Sony NEX-5n. I must say, it’s a very capable body. I think whenever my NEX-7 arrive, it will fill the gap nicely of where my M9 won’t do. One perfect example would be Macro. I bought this M to NEX Macro adapter from Ebay. You can find the link here

Ebay Link

M to NEX Macro adapter

M to NEX Macro adapter

It’s made by a guy in Taiwan. First impression of the adapter is very good. It’s a solid mount and the macro rotating extension tube section is very smooth. Overall, I think it’s a great adapter to always keep on the NEX. That is, if you’re like me, only have Leica lenses. I don’t plan on buying any E-mount lens anytime soon.

Well, it does get some used to though. Now you almost have 2 focusing ring to play with. I found if you plan on taking close up of something, turn the ring on the adapter first, then fine tune the focus with the lens focusing ring. With the focus peaking, it makes taking sharp images a snap!! I think my manual focusing skills are faster and more consistent that auto focus now!!

Anyways, here are some shots I took at one of the X’Mas banquet at a local Chinese restaurant. All shot with the Sony NEX-5n with Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M

Title: Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter

Title: Dead Fish
Dead Fish

Title: Beak

Title: Loving Lobsters
Loving Lobsters

Title: Fried Rice
Fried Rice

Title: Shark Fin
Shark Fin


It’s been a few week since I had some time to go shoot. A buddy of mine recently sold his Leica M8.2 while waiting to pick up his M9. It kept getting delayed. He had a wedding to shoot so he borrowed my M9 over the weekend. In return, he let me borrow his Sony NEX-5n to play with. I thought this would be a good chance to try out the NEX series before my pre-ordered NEX-7 arrives (Whenever that is…).
Here are 3 initial shots of it with 2 different lenses. First impression was very good. The camera was easy to use and very easy to handle. I did wish for some more manual adjustments (which I hope the NEX-7 would cover). I still don’t think it’s even close as a replacement for the M9. The picture rendering just doesn’t have the M9 qualities that I like. The lens selection does make quite a big of a difference on the capability of the camera. It quite interesting to have the Noctilux mounted on it. The lens is bigger than the body!! I should have snap a picture of the setup before I returned the camera. I’m sure I’ll have another chance soon to take some shots with it.

Title: Stich
Lens: Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux

Title: Homework
Lens: Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux

Title: Peju
Lens: Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux

I’ll be posting more pictures I took with it in another post focusing more on food. Stay tune!

I had sometime to kill the other day. I was searching on Google map of places in the area to snap some shots with my new Noctilux. Considering there isn’t really much in the heart of Silicon Valley besides the company sign, I didn’t have too many choices. One thing did catch my interest. I knew of the Intel Museum for a while but never really thought I stop by there. Pull up their website

Intel Museum

Free is good!!

So I made the 5 minute drive over. It took me longer to get into the museum than to get to the museum. There was a large crowd of Chinese tour group that was blocking the entrance snapping away at the Large Intel logo.

I knew the Noctilux would shine would be inside. Pun intended. Intel Inside!!

As I walked through the Museum, I saw a lot of interesting relics. Things I remember while growing up and play with. Things that’s mentioned in Steve Jobs’ new Biography.

Title: The Beginning
The Beginning

Title: 5 and a quarter
5 and a quarter

This display was actually very cool. It’s something you’ll have to see in person. Imagine a multilayer etched glass surface with leds…

Title: Intel Inside
Intel Inside

This is a scaled model of a foundry. Notice the DOF that the Noctilux provided!!

Title: Foundry

My favorite of the set. I remember the Bunny campaign back in the day. I wanted to a Intel Bunny for Halloween!!

Title: Bunny Disco
Bunny Disco

Well, that was just a fun trip down memory lane. Especially for those of you that grew up in this era!!