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After my last post with Restaurantography I decided to start a flickr group as well as a facebook group call Restaurantography. I know one of the most posted photograph on the social networking sites are all about food, so I figure why not get them pooled all together?
Anyways, if you’re interested in joining, here are the links.



Well, I still had some pictures I took over the holidays with the Sony Nex-5n. These were all the catered food at my holiday friends gathering. It’s fitting for the Restaurantography theme. Just like the other pictures, it was taken with the Sony Nex-5n + Leica 35mm f/1.4 Summilux-M Lens + the Macro adapter from ebay.

Enjoy the food!!

Title: wichs

Title: Wings

Title: Fried

Title: oodle

Title: Orange


As part of last minute planning, I was able to finally get away from the kids and enjoy a New Year Countdown with the wifey. I must say, with all the people at the Embarcadero in San Francisco, it was the most peaceful experience I had alone with the wifey in a long time. Of course, I had my trusty M9 and 35mm Summilux with me so shoot in lower light weren’t much of an issue. Knowing potentially large crowd, I wanted a wider lens and I also didn’t want to risk my Noctilux getting bumped while surfing through the crowd. Well, here are some snap shots I took.

The count down wouldn’t be a count down with out a cont down. No better count down then have the cross walk signs count it down for you.

Title: Count Down
Count Down

Likewise, it wouldn’t be any event in San Francisco without police presence. The next three photos show the full force!! Sucks to be the guy that pulled over right in front of the Ferry Building.

Title: Presence

Title: Sucks to be you
Sucks to be you

Title: 2

It wouldn’t be street photography if I didn’t capture any count downers on the street. Look for the duality of the scene!!

Title: Puff Puff
Puff Puff

Title: Pair

Last 2 shots should be viewed side by side as a set. I call it a mirror image of the bay bridge.

Title: Look

Title: Paint

And of course!! Happy New Year to everyone!! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2012 and continue to shoot lots and lots of photographs!!