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Had a chance to go walk around Union Square again. I can’t believe Christmas spirit was already in full effect. Macy’s had their x’mas tree lighting last night so I thought it would be fun to take the kids to go see it. Ok, my main goal was to see how well the Noctilux does with the x’mas trees and lights at union square. I must say, it was tough. Not because of the Noctilux but rather, keeping an eye on two little ones in a very crowded space while trying to snap some quick shots.
All the shots seen here were taken with the Noctilux @ ISO 400 with one exception. One of the shots I took with my Voigtlander 12mm Ultra Wide-Heliar. I brought this lens mainly to take self family portrait with the big tree included. I do another post some other time with the 12mm.
In the mean time, here are the pics.

There were abundance of light. Mainly from the color spots and x’mas tree. I’m sure it’s not the good kind, but still makes interesting contrast. Red Hue with the green lit x’mas tree. So Christmasy!! And No, these are not my kids.

Title: X’Mas Colors
X'mas Colors

I’m have never seen so many cameras in one area. I’m sure 98% of people walking around Union Square tonight had some forms of photographic device. Whether it’s a point and shoot, or an iphone, not to mention the onslaught of SLRs. Anyways, I thought this was interesting as I watch this elderly gentleman holding what looks like a walking stick (for the blind?) trying to help someone take a couples picture. His hand was shaking quite a bit. Not to mention where he is pointing the camera at was pretty interesting. Of course, being on site, I knew he was trying to capture the entire tree which probably would make their couples picture pretty uninteresting.

Title: Don’t you see that I’m blind?
Big Tree

Ok, I’m sure this is something we see quite a bit as we get closer to the holidays. Grumpy people spoiling the joy of the holiday season. Maybe he’s all shopped out from Black Friday sale?

Title: Grumpy Old Man
Grumpy Old Man

This last shot was done with the ultra wide 12mm. All I got to say is this lens is WIDE!! Especially on a full frame M9. I recently 6 bit coded this lens to the 21mm 2.8 Elmarit non ASPH which fixes a lot of the funky edge issues. Like I mention earlier, I’ll go shoot some more with this lens and do a full write up. All I have to say is this guy is almost as tall as the X’mas tree… Ok, maybe not but still pretty damn tall. Look at the facial expression on that little kid in the corner!! and No, that’s not my kid either. Btw, my little one almost start crying when this guy walked by. I had the title of this picture all over his face!

Title: WTF is that?
shiny damn tall people...