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Hopefully everyone got a chance to get out there and photograph all the little goblins and gremlins. Well, I guess now day it’s a little bit more commercialized. It’s more about Buzz Light Year and Spiderman. At least my son ended up being just another Buzz Light Year. But this post isn’t about the family snap shots. And yes, I did start to shoot more of my kids. But after all the walking between the malls and on the street for trick-o-treating. I’m beat. Maybe I’ll do a post Halloween in the future. In the meantime, I decided couple of the shots I took a few weekends ago in the city was fitting for such costume festive.

This is a shot I took of a window display. Of course the skeleton caught my eye first. I’m guessing they’re getting a jump on the whole Halloween festive. But then I realize this could make an interesting shot leveraging the layering composition technique. Look closely, the reflection all of the sudden is becoming the background. Creating almost a ghostly effect on the rest of the manikin and the skeleton.
Title: Stitch

The second picture was more of a test on how well the 35mm lux and the M9 do at night. I must say, amazingly well!! Of curse, the glistering character does create an interesting break to the dark white, vertical line symmetry.
Title: Glistering