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All I have to say is Tyler is the man. If read through my recent Leica Akademie experience, you probably saw that I placed an order with Tyler Gee from Fireside Camera. Last Thursday, I got a phone call from Tyler. “Today is your lucky day, your 35mm Lux is here!!”

Due to work, I couldn’t drive down to the city that same day. Did some negotiating with the lovely wife and found some time on Saturday to stop by and pick up my unicorn!!

All I have to say is WOW. Everything I read online about this lens is true. Yes, I did have a chance to play with it during the Akademie, but I think back then I was more drooling for the Noctilux so didn’t give the 35mm Lux much thought. I remember I had a tough time framing with the 35mm shooting on the street since I’m more used to shooting with my 50mm Lux. Well, I have been shooting with the 35mm all weekend. Practice will make perfect. Here are a few shots.

No Parking


Now that I have the lux, I think it’s time for the 35mm Cron to find a new owner. As far as comparison. There is probably a bunch reviews of both lenses from google. But from my own experience? The Cron was a sharp little lens. It is smaller and lighter than the Lux. IF size and weight is a big deal for you, get the Cron. Though, having my 50mm Lux being silver, handling the new 35mm Lux felt very light. As far as picture quality? It’s amazing. It has a certain different feel to it than even it’s close relative 50mm Lux. I’m not one of those pixel peepers that drill down to the exact pixel to see which one is sharper. But I am one of those that takes a picture and let the picture tell me how it feels. So far, the 35mm pictures are feeling very velvety smooth. I do wish I had more time to shoot more with it this past weekend, but I am very happy with the purchase. This lens is going into my permanent collection just like the 50mm Lux. Well, until they release a silver version that is.

For those people that are deciding between a cron or a lux. I say pick up the cron first (Since it is easier to find) and get your name pre-ordered for a lux. Give Tyler a call and tell him Dave sent you!! Once you have the lux, I highly doubt you will want to shoot with the cron. For me coming from a DSLR, any Leica lens is light and small. Size have never been a factor.

My next few shooting session will all be with the 35mm Lux. Keep an eye out for new posts!

Now, I just need to find a 0.95 Noctilux and I think my lens collection will be complete… For now…