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I had sometime to kill the other day. I was searching on Google map of places in the area to snap some shots with my new Noctilux. Considering there isn’t really much in the heart of Silicon Valley besides the company sign, I didn’t have too many choices. One thing did catch my interest. I knew of the Intel Museum for a while but never really thought I stop by there. Pull up their website

Intel Museum

Free is good!!

So I made the 5 minute drive over. It took me longer to get into the museum than to get to the museum. There was a large crowd of Chinese tour group that was blocking the entrance snapping away at the Large Intel logo.

I knew the Noctilux would shine would be inside. Pun intended. Intel Inside!!

As I walked through the Museum, I saw a lot of interesting relics. Things I remember while growing up and play with. Things that’s mentioned in Steve Jobs’ new Biography.

Title: The Beginning
The Beginning

Title: 5 and a quarter
5 and a quarter

This display was actually very cool. It’s something you’ll have to see in person. Imagine a multilayer etched glass surface with leds…

Title: Intel Inside
Intel Inside

This is a scaled model of a foundry. Notice the DOF that the Noctilux provided!!

Title: Foundry

My favorite of the set. I remember the Bunny campaign back in the day. I wanted to a Intel Bunny for Halloween!!

Title: Bunny Disco
Bunny Disco

Well, that was just a fun trip down memory lane. Especially for those of you that grew up in this era!!