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I was so excited to see that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf made it up here. This was by favorite caffeine fix during college. Make Starbucks taste like piss. I decided to enjoy my cup of joe and people watch. Typical of downtown San Francisco, you never run of of interesting thing to photograph.

An odd place for a Bass to be sitting on the ground. But I assume there was probably a concert or something before I walked by.

Title: Flooring Bass
Flooring Bass

These two guys were probably doing the same thing I was doing. People watching. I do wish I had my 24mm with me so I could capture the 2 bikes as well.

Title: Duality

Ok, this was an interesting guy. He literally just walked and stop right in the middle of the sidewalk. Actually stood there for quite a while. His outfit was quite unique. I do love the hat!!

Title: Traveler

From my vantage point, I notice a very intriguing reflection. Maybe I didn’t study hard enough during Physics, but I couldn’t figure out why these people sitting there cause a mirror image on a pan of glass that’s not even in the same segment. Not to mention there was a door breaking up the glass.

Title: Mirror

Ok, Probably slightly controversial. I’m pretty sure these two are a couple. One’s pushing an empty stroller while the other is slinging a baby.

Title: Who’s my Daddy
Who's my Daddy

Well, that’s about all. I still need to do my movie look challenge. Hopefully I’ll get some time to redo the coloring this weekend.