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Panasonic GF2

GF2 is not Leica’s new model. Though lots of Panasonic MFT (Micro 4/3) lenses has the Leica designation on it. I’m still not sure if it’s actually made by Leica or not. My take? Probably not. Anyways, the wife had this camera for a while now. I also bought the M to MFT adapter since day one that she had it. I just been having so much fun with my Digital M that I rarely even think of using her camera with any of my M lenses. It’s been over a week since I got my Noctilux so I thought this would be a good chance to see how the GF2 matches with the Noct. I also have the new Sony NEX-7 on order. This would give me some what of a first look at shooting the Leica M lenses on non-Leica bodies. I know it’s well over done on the internet. any simple google search will net you plenty of other links of someone using Leica M on non-Leica bodies. Though I have yet to find anyone that put a Noctilux on a GF2? Thus this at least will give the first look for the very specific audience of GF2 owners that are curious on how the Noctilux look on their body.

Leica GF2 Noctilux

Leica GF2 Noctilux

At first look, The lens is huge. It’s probably bigger than the GF2 body and definitely weights a lot more. But this makes carrying the camera a little easier since you have to keep your hand on the lens barrel for focusing regardless. So the weight just naturally pitch forward. Since the wife’s GF2 doesn’t have the view finder and I’m too cheap to buy either the EVF or just the regular VF, I find my self continuously putting the camera up to my eye then realizing that everything is done via the rear LCD screen. It’s a tough habit to break after so many years of shooting. I’m sure this would be a lot easier whenever my NEX-7 comes in.

The Adapter (DMW-MA2M)
Panasonic M to MFT Adapter

The Adapter on the Noctilux
Noctilux with adapter

Other than that, I’m using the Panasonic M to MFT mount which is pricy, but very well made. No lens play at all. Everything clicks in perfectly.
So first thing you have to do when you slap a non Panasonic MFT lens is to allow shooting with no lens attach. You can find that option under Custom setup. Once set, with the M lens, everything is manual now. I typically put it in Aperture priority mode. It won’t detect your actual aperture, but it does meter correctly.

Well, here are 3 shots I took while waiting for the kids at the local Barne’s and Noble. More of a test shot to see what the lens/body combo can do at f/0.95. Of course, the first thing you notice would be the depth of field. But I felt it still lacks the soul that the M9 provide. You be the judge!

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