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So here are couple abstract shots I took during Fleet Week. I know I’m jumping chronologically on my post but I didn’t want to start posting these abstract shots in comparison to my people shots.

Anyways, this first one is of a vendor stand. It was a hot day and I thought this would be a great opportunity to put some of my product shots experience into this to make it look like a soda ad. I will be doing more write up and pictures of some of my product shots in later blog posts.


This 2nd shot is part of my attraction to doors. If you been following my flickr or blog, you probably seen me shoot a bunch of doors. For some reason, I feel that different types of doors just create different type of opportunities and it’s always a mystery on what’s behind the door. It is hard to tell a story just by looking at the door, but a worn out door tells a story as well as a brand new door in vibrant colors. Hopefully I will collect enough doors to make it a set on my flickr one of these days. In the mean time, check out this door.


My next set of pictures will be abstract as well as landscapes. Stay tune!

Here are some more street shots from Fleet Week 2011 in San Francisco. These are just things I found interesting while walking around in the crowd.

I found his gesture as well as all the typography on his shirt and store front very fitting. It was a decisive moment!!

“Yesterday won’t slow me down because I’ve been blessed with Today, a New American!! Doh!!”

Here is another from the BART. I’m sure we see this a lot. But I just love the concentrated look on this women. Must have been a good book!

Not to talk Politics or if the title of this picture is PC or not. I must admit, I saw the shirt first. It was just ironic that a Black lady was wearing a black t-Shirt that depicted a “White” Obama. Then, considering how the economy is right now, I find this Obama ’08 slogan quite contradictory. I only wish she was standing next to a sign of Uncle Sam pointing fingers with “I WANT YOUR” “CHANGE”…


What drew me to this picture was something Will Palank told me during one of the Leica Academie Photo shoot. Always look for contrast. Whether it’s the basics like color, shape, etc. or more abstract like people. One of the example he gave was he would shoot a couple that has someone that’s tall standing next to someone that’s short.
Well, the first thing I saw when these couple was walking by was how straight up she was standing next to the gentleman with the walker. Of course, the age contrast, the race constrast. One thing I found interesting was how they both wore similar color pants and cloth.

I have couple abstract picture I shot that I’ll post up soon. Like I mention in the last blog post. I guess I’m taking Fleet Week as an opportunity to shoot people and not planes!!

Who said the Leica M9 can only do street photography?

Hello Kitty Cookie by Dream Cakes by Maggie

I have been the resident photography for the wife’s Cake/Cookie hobby. If you’re into cute and amazing cakes and cookies, check out her blog, flickr, or facebook.

  • Most of the photos you see on her site were shot by me. Product photography was simple back in the Canon days. Slap on the Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro on the body. Set it on tripod. Wired it up for remote shutter release. The only thing I had to worry about was the light and product placement. The camera did everything. Well almost everything. I usually set it up in full manual or Aperture Priority. Since it’s in an control environment, I knew the settings.

    Tip #1: Product photography shooting workflow.

  • Put your camera on a tripod.
  • Get a Remote shutter release or use the 2s timed release that’s build into most cameras.
  • Set your camera at Aperture Priority mode.
  • Set your Aperture to f/8 – f/16 depending on how big the product you’re shooting. Or use a larger f/stop to create the bokeh
  • focus 1/3 into the product. This will make sure your entire product is within focus.
  • Set your ISO at the lowest ISO your camera can take. I use ISO160 for both the M9 and Canon. (There is some article saying why 160 works better for Canon)
  • Take note of the shutter speed reading. Make adjustments as needed base on your lighting condition.
  • Product placement, compose, then Shoot!!
  • Most everyone including myself started product photography by buying lots and lots of lights. You can never have enough light to light the product. Then you need the soft boxes, the light tents, etc. Mainly, that’s how the professionals did it. You want consistency on the product shots. But one major side effect of the resulting shots as best put by my wife. The picture looks sterile. There is no soul. It’s a clean picture, but just blah. You can probably see some of the examples on some of the earlier shots in her Flickr and blog. Most of them were done with the Canon 5DMKII or Canon 1D MKIV w/ 100mm 2.8L combo fully lit. As I started to shoot her cakes and cookies with the Leica, I notice one thing.

    Tip # 2: Let the available light for for you and NOT you work for the light. Essentially what this means is use your camera’s setting with the tripod to make the best of available light. Remember the take note of the shutter speed reading in tip #1? Since you’re on a tripod, you can let in a much light or as little light as you want into the camera by adjusting your shutter speed. Let the camera do an initial reading for you then if you need a brighter shot, slow down the shutter speed or if you need a darker shot, raise the shutter speed. One important note, make sure the camera is on a steady ground and when you release the shutter, it’s not introducing any shake, or else, it will be a blurry picture for the most part.

    By shooting it this way, now you can see the details of the product, in my case, Cakes and cookie. The shadows are just important as the highlights. Before, I would light the entire area to get rid of shadow. Now, I embrace the shadows!! By all means, I’m just beginning to try out this new method and slowly putting all my light away.

    The Hello Kitty cookie set you see on this page was done with natural window light or 1 CFL in a soft box rather than my previous setup with lights on all three sides with one on top.

    Definitely keep an eye on her blog as I will be shooting a lot more of her delicious treats!!

    Hello Kitty Cookie by Dream Cakes by Maggie

    Hello Kitty Cookie by Dream Cakes by Maggie